It’s Not A Crisis

Clean Eating Without the Sacrifice

July 3, 2021

We all know that what you put into your body affects your mood, your hormones and ultimately your whole day. In our quest for the healthiest diets, we often forget to indulge in what we like. In this episode, Jen Smiley joins me as we discuss reading labels, choosing healthier alternatives to products we can’t live without and figuring out how we can tweak our nutrition for the best possible results.

Jen Smiley is an expert food coach at Wake Up and Read the Labels. She has been a fitness instructor for 5 years, owns a spin studio and has been helping clients both locally and internationally to find cleaner brands at the grocery store and understand labels.

You can find Jen on social media at @wakeupandreadthelabels as well as her website

Visit for 3 common morning foods that are killing your energy and ruining your day.

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Don't forget...It’s NOT a crisis!

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